What Is Z Shadow And How To Use It Properly

Most of the time you would need to hack your friends or girlfiend/boyfriends etc facebook accounts. This become important sometimes because finding them whether they are cheating on you or not. Therefore if you do some research on how to hack a facebook account, you would find a lot of ways. But one of the best way is to hack facebook accounts via z-shadow. It is a site that would provide you ready made phishing page that you can use to send it your friend or anyone whose account you wanna hack and then check his/her password in your z shadow account. If he/she he put the password in the link you provided then deficinetly it would be visible under my victims section in z shadow.

So if you are ready lets start the step by step guide to though you how you can use this phishing site to hack any facebook account and that also for free of cost. So lets start.

How to Use Z Shadow: A Step By Step Guide:

  1. Open one of the browser. I would prefer using mozilla with private window because if you are sharing your computer with anyone else you would leave history and they would know that you are trying hacking and it it is the victim he would spy on you. And if he got to know that it is you how is trying to hack his account than you are gone.
  2. Then go to z shadow site. when you search for z shadow in google you would find a lot of sites out there but most of them would be guides. You would have to click the first one that is z-shadow.co. You can also put this url direct in your browser without searching it in google. You can also learn everything about z shadow by using the guide site that is given above.
  3. Then search for sing up button and click it. then you would be given a form that you would have to fill. After filling the form your would have to confirm your email. You would receive an mail in your email in which your would have to click a link. After clicking that link your registration would be completed. Now You are ready to hack accounts. Be sure that to whom you are sending these details don’t know about phishing otherwise you would be caught red handed.
  4. After that login to your account. Select facebook if you want to hack facebook and copy the phishing link. You would need to send this links to your friends whose account you want to hack.
  5. Send this link to your friend via facebook chat or in email or sms. You can use different methods. You can even create a free blog and add the link there and advice your friend to check out that blog. Add some catchy title like click this link for free points (may be some game that your friend like etc)
  6. Now if your friend gets fooled and click on the link that you will get his/her password in your victims list. Do check your victoms list frequently.


After carefully performing these steps you will definitely get the password of your friend. Now you can use that password to login to his account and find all the details that you want….cheers.